Composting for the non-composter

Do you live in an apartment, small house or just not confident about composting or having a worm farm? You can still reduce your carbon emissions by diverting your food waste from landfill.
To all Permaculture enthusiasts, food waste is like gold. It can be made into compost that is so beneficial for growing plants.
Here is another great composting system , like the Bokashi bucket, that is suitable for anyone that doesn’t have or can’t have a compost system or worm farm. It even takes ‘Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Coffee, Wilted Flowers (no bones or excessive liquids)’
If you don’t have a garden to use the end product there are still options: The juice that is strained off, once diluted is a great fertiliser. It could be a welcome gift to your gardener friend! Otherwise it can go down the sink and provide beneficial bacteria to the sewerage system.
The fermented scraps are a great addition to existing compost (find one near you on or do some ‘guerilla composting’ – one night, find a public park, dig a hole and give the local plants an extra boost!
Note – I have not been contacted to promote this product or receive any benefits. I am suggesting this as a good option, to help us all reduce our carbon emissions, as food waste is still one of the big contributors to landfill which breaks my heart why we would choose to waste this valuable resource!

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