Re-Architecture provides expertise to assist clients with making their home or building more sustainable, and support lifestyles that are resilient and regenerative.

I am Sarah Rickard, an Architect and Permaculture designer with a passion for humans to live in harmony with our ecosystem and treat the Earth with the respect that she deserves.

With skills in residential and commercial building, sustainable design and consultation, community facilitation, sustainable living and permaculture design, I make holistic assessments and provide solutions, that can either be formally realised (through building contracts) or provide the resources to help people to DIY.

I acknowledge that I reside and work on the Lands of the Kulin Nation, the Wurundjeri, Woi Wurrung and Bunurong  peoples. I pay my respect to Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging. I have huge respect and admiration of the Traditional Owners who cared for this country over thousands of years. Aboriginal culture has vast knowledge of how to live in harmony and care for Country, for which I am very grateful.

Re-Architecture is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, intersex status, gender identity, as well as gender expression, parental status, marital status, neurodiversity, or physical appearance.


I specialise in sustainable residential design (ESD) and consultations as a Registered Architect in Victoria.  I have 15 years experience across all phases of a project, in both residential and commercial architecture, along with energy rating assessments and working for a residential builder.

The best part of any of the jobs I’ve had is working with Clients to achieve a design that is comfortable, enjoyable and functional.

Since graduating from University of Adelaide in 2000, I’ve worked with 1:1 Architects and sustainable design & build company Positive Footprints

Volunteering and skill sharing is an important part of building community.  I enjoy volunteering with local and Melbourne-based organisations which over time have included: Permablitz, Climate Reality Project, Climate for Change, CERES, Whitelion, Kids Under Cover, Australian Conservation Foundation, Sharing Shed Melbourne, Gardens for Wildlife Moonee Valley, MP Engagement Group Inner West, and Westside Climate Action Community.

I continue to be involved with and help run a number of local groups that include Climate Action Maribyrnong and Permaculture Out West

In 2018 I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate with Very Edible Gardens. In 2020 I became a certified Thermal Performance Assessor under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERs) to rate new homes & renovations for compliance with the National Construction Code. In 2024, I trained as a Scorecard Assessor under the Residential Efficiency Scorecard program, to provide an option to homeowners & renters to provide an official rating for their home.


Alongside architectural design and permaculture, I have a strong interest in holistic design and sustainable living. Building, connecting with and fostering community is an integral part of sustainable living and resilience, which will be required if we are to live within our planet’s means.

Holistic Design looks at the whole of site – not just the house, but the garden and interaction between, as well as with the wider community. A home should not limited by property boundaries.

My passion is to make the world a better place by addressing the climate emergency, learning, sharing and connecting with others to live more sustainably, and with little impact on our planet and her inhabitants.

I love to design buildings to tread more lightly on the planet and create personalised spaces that are healthy, comforting & welcoming (“hyggelig” in Danish).

Background to this Business

The motivation for the business began with acknowledging the need to live more sustainably and build resilience in our community, to deal with the impacts of climate change and energy descent from peak fossil fuels.We are becoming more aware of the dependence of our current system built on finite resources such as oil, gas and coal, and to stop catastrophic climate change we need to change the current system.  People need the solutions to be able to make this shift and are looking for assistance to navigate the best way to do this. I believe sustainable design and living practices can be employed by any one and any business, so long as it is aligned with budget, ability and access. I wish to provide services for anyone who could benefit, including Homeowners & Renters, Co-housing groups, Organisations, Businesses & Councils.

My aim is to provide expertise as a qualified and experienced Architect to assist my community in making the shift to live within a sustainable system.  With my knowledge about solar passive design, sustainable construction, permaculture and sustainable living I wish to offer a consultancy service, alongside traditional architectural services, to provide design and advice to homeowners, renters, and also those who cannot afford full architectural services.

Re-Architecture chooses to offset the businesses remaining carbon emissions (after first reducing emissions) with Greenfleet

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