2020 begins in the midst of devastation and uncertainty, but we can still work together to make it better.

This summer has been harsh already. Wherever you are in Australia you have probably been affected already by the bushfires, the drought or the extreme heat.

Whilst most of us are fortunate to be able to turn air conditioning on, take a drink of cool water and still go about our lives, these events are warning signs that we need to stop and think about what is happening. At any moment these events could mean the power gets cut, or the water doesn’t come out of the tap. The things we take for granted and see as a basic right are at risk.

At the same time the cost of these services are rising (my power company just put up electricity prices around 15%, that probably all power companies have). But we have the ability to do something to better prepare for these events when they do happen. We have the knowledge and the ability.

We can do things such as working out how to keep our house or office cooler so we don’t need to rely on air-conditioning and the power (and money) to run it. We can work out how to save water and to store it safely on the property. We can work together with others to share this knowledge and to share skills, so if we loose power and water, we can work with our neighbours. We can have a better world for all, not just the wealthy and priveledged.

In 2020 Re-Architecture is aiming to be out and about, assisting to make homes and buildings more sustainable and resilient. We’ll work on solutions for those that are able, as well as those that have financial or physical constraints. We all live in a community, we all should have access to safe shelter, food and clean water, and we can all better prepare for an uncertain future together.

It is time to care for earth, care for people and to share fair.

Sharing my food with a bee that got stuck inside, helping her replenish to be able to continue her journey.

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